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why care for your shoes?

Not to answer your question with another question, but do you like wasting money?

Probably not.

The best analogy for this is that shoes are like cars. You can buy the top of the line, but if you don’t put decent gas in it, wash it, and get it checked out every 3,000 miles, you’re going to waste your money and run your investment into the ground.

Same thing goes for shoes. Sure, you can spend N150,000 or more on some of the best shoes in the world, but if you don’t keep them regularly polished, never put 

shoe trees in them, and avoid visiting a cobbler, you might as well throw that money in a trash fire, because those shoes will not be long for this world.

Furthermore, caring for something you own shows a respect for it, and in turn, respect for yourself and those around you. It is much more pleasant to wear and be seen wearing shoes that are well-polished and in good repair than it is to be wear old, ratty shoes.

You should only own shoes you love, and you care for things you love.


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